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Correcting Common Chart Errors

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The purpose of this Quick Reference Guide, is to help users understand the proper steps for Correcting Common Chart Errors. This material is only meant to serve as a guide and DOES NOT include all the scenarios that may occur when correcting errors in patient charts.

Important Note

Items that are attached to an encounter CANNOT be copied from one encounter to another. It is also important to note that Templates, Documents, and Images CANNOT be removed from an encounter.

Clearing Data From Wrong Encounter

The following steps are needed when clearing data from the wrong encounter:

  1. Select item from incorrect Encounter (i.e. Intake, SOAP, etc.)
  2. Clear all fields where data was entered.

Note: be sure to save any pop-ups as well as the main template(s) after clearing fields.

Clearing Data From Document

Perform the following steps if a document was generated on the encounter:

  1. Clear all data from Body of document.
  2. Using the formatting toolbar strike through the patient's name and information located at the top of the document.
  3. Using Arial Font, 36 Font size, Bold, and Red Font color, free text the words GENERATED IN ERROR just below the header.
  4. Click Save


Remarks can be added to help other users see that the encounter was documented on in error. To add Remarks:

  1. Right-click on the encounter.
  2. Select Encounter Description/Remark... from the drop down menu.

Free text Documented in Error, then click OK.

Remarks may differ based on department work flow.

Lock Encounter

When appropriate, the Encounter should be locked. To lock the Encounter:

  1. Select the Encounter.
  2. Click the Lock icon on the Patient History toolbar.
  3. Enter assigned Password.
  4. Click Lock
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