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Telephone Medical Questions

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Telephone Communications Template

In this Quick Reference Guide we will demonstrate how to do the following:

  • How to access the Telephone Communications Template
  • Document a call using the Medical Questions Call Type
  • Respond to Medical Questions clinical tasks
  • Complete Medical Question calls

How to Access Telephone Communications Template

To access the Telephone Communications template, click the Telephone icon on the Patient Information bar.

Using the Medical Questions Call Type

To document patient questions or concerns, click the New Call button.

Call Type

Click drop down arrow to select the Medical Question Call Type.

Date field defaults to current encounter date.

Call Information

Complete the Call Information section, by selecting from the following columns:

  1. Contact Type (Required Field)
  2. Urgency - Used if tasking another user.
  3. Spoke With (Required Field)

Contact Information

If necessary, select the Method of contact from the Preferred and Alternate Contact columns. The options are as follows: Home, Day, and Other.


Document any reported patient Concerns or Questions by completing the following fields:

  1. Specialty - free text or click drop down arrow to select from list of specialties
  2. Concern - free text or click drop down arrow to select from list of concerns
  3. Duration - enter during of concern, by using the following options: calculator buttons, drop down list, or free text.
  4. Comments - enter any additional comments in the Comments field(s).
  5. Add & Task - if tasking another user, click the Add & Task button.

Click the Add button if tasking is not necessary.

Responding to Medical Questions from Clinical Tasking Inbox

To respond to Medical Questions or Concerns sent from the Telephone Communications template, click the Inbox icon.

In the Clinical Tasking Inbox:

  1. Select Medical Question task from grid.
  2. Click the Chart button

Taking Action

To document Action(s) taken:

  1. Select action(s) taken in the Action(s) column
  2. If necessary free text any comments in the Comments field
  3. Click Save & Reply button if replying to task

Click Save, if replying to a task is not necessary.

Completing Medical Question Calls

Once the Medical Question or Concern has been addressed, the Status of the Medical Question must be marked as Completed. To complete:

  1. Select Call Status
  2. Choose the Complete option from the Status column.

Note: three things will happen when selecting the Complete status:

1. The Telephone call document will automatically be generated

2. Any comments added will auto save

3. The Task will automatically be completed in the Clinical Tasking Inbox.

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