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ePCS Setup

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File Maintenance

Go to File Maintenance

Make sure to select the practice in which the provider is active in

Verify Provider Information

Under Practice Tab make sure DEA# is populated

Modify Provider ePrescribing

Select ePrescribing Tab

  1. Click the ePCS check box under the Retail Service Level column.
  2. Click the Norton button.
  3. Select Retail then select Enroll or Update from the extended menu.

Access System Administrator

Go into System Administrator:

  1. Search for Provider  (Make sure you select the correct practice)
  2. Assigned Provider will be name of Provider
  3. Provider relationship should be "Self"
  4. Click on ePCS button

Activate provider ePCS

Under Credentials:

  1. Click on Add
  2. Provider will enter Nextgen password
  3. Click on Login

Activate Credential window will pop up

  1. enter Security Key Serial Number/ VIP Token Credential ID
  2. enter Security code 6 digit pin
  3. wait 30 seconds enter new 6 digit pin
  4. click on Activate

Access Tab

  1. Authenticate as Registrar A once complete it will turn Green
  2. Registrar B must have DEA & must have ePCS (would enter password along with token number) will turn Green
  3. Check box ePCS Prescriber Access Important: if this is not selected Provider will not be able to ePrescribe                                                                                                                                                                      
  4. ePCS Access will pop-up click on OK


  1. When all steps above are complete it will read ePCS Prescriber Access is Granted
  2. Click on X

Provider has New Phone

Remove old credential first:

  1. Select Remove
  2. Under select credential choose the credential from drop down menu
  3. Click on Select

After 15-30 seconds a message will display " Delete Successful"


Add New Credential:

  1. Select Add under token actions
  2. Have user enter password
  3. Click Login

Important: 2nd password to get into Nextgen

  1. 4.Enter New Security Key Serial Number and Security codes as prompted
  2. 5.Click Activate

Process is complete make sure you log off providers computer

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