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Adding Addendums Quick Reference Guide

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In this Quick Reference Guide we will learn how to add Addendums to notes that have already been signed-off by the Rendering Provider.

Adding Addendums

Important Note: providers must avoid regenerating visit notes as much as possible. The preferred method for adding additional information to already signed-off documents, is to add an Addendum.

Addendums allow providers to add additional information to the end of their already signed-off note. To add an Addendum; click the Paper Clip icon located in the top right corner of the document.

Continue by performing the following steps:

  1. Free text additional information in the Addendum field provided at the bottom of the document.
  2. Click the Document Icon with the green plus sign through the center of it.


The Addendum field can be cleared by clicking the trash can icon.

Page Break

A page break will be added to the document indicating that the Addendum will appear on the following page. (See Image Below)


This Concludes this Quick Reference Guide for Adding Addendums.

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