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Assigning Delegates to Deactivated Users

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This Quick Reference Guide explains the proper procedures for assigning delegates to deactivated users. The ability to Assigning Delegates should be limited by Super User/Administrative staff members only.

Work Flow Manager

To delegate a users Clinical Tasking and PAQ (Provider Approval Queue) inbox:

  1. Click the Admin menu.
  2. Select Work Flow Manager from the drop down menu.
  3. Choose Administrator from the extended menu.

Show Deactivated Users

In the Work Flow Manager: Administrator window:

  1. Click the Show Deactivated check box.
  2. Select desired user from the Providers/Users list.
  3. Click Modify.

The Show Deactivated users setting is currently set to display users that have been deactivated within the past year. To display deactivated users within a different timeframe:

  1. Click the From field to select the desired date range.
  2. Click drop down arrow to select desired deactivated Provider/User.


If after setting a particular date range the Deactivated user still does not show. Contact your System Administrator (Tech Support) to report the issue.

Selecting Delegates

To select Delegates to manage the deactivated users inbox:

  1. Select(s) Provider/Users from the Delegates list.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Click OK.

Note: A Soft Log Out must be performed before being able to view delegated users inbox.

Deactivated Users in the Clinical Tasking Inbox

If a users Clinical Tasking Inbox was delegated to you and that users NextGen account has been deactivated. You will still have access to the users Clinical Tasking Inbox.

Deactivated users can be identified by the red circle with the minus sign through the middle.


This concludes this Quick Reference Guide for Assigning Delegates to Deactivated Users.

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