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Accessing Patient Charts

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In this lesson we will explore a variety of ways to access patients charts using the NextGen EHR Application.

Patient Lookup

The Patient Lookup allows users to manually search for patient records.  To begin your search; click the Patient icon.

Perform the following steps in the Patient Lookup window to access a patients record:

  1. Enter a partial name in the Last and First name fields. (At least one character is required in each field)
  2. Enter the patients DOB in the secure Birth Date field.
  3. Click Find or the Enter key on your keyboard to execute the search.

Note: additional search options are available when searching for patient records. However, the above steps are the preferred method.

Globes, Practice Charts, and Enterprise Charts

When manually searching for patients in NextGen. It is possible that you will receive one of the following results in the Matching Records field:

  • Globe - Patient was never seen before in your practice, but may have demographic information available for viewing.
  • Practice Chart - Patient has been seen before in your practice, but clinical documentation cannot be shared with other practices within the same network.
  • Enterprise Chart - Patient clinical information can be shared with all practices within the network.

Accessing Previously Viewed Patients

Up to Five patients are stored in the NextGen Search History when manually accessing patients records. To access a previously viewed patients record:

  1. Click the drop down arrow next to the Find button.
  2. Hover mouse over the Access Previous Patient option.
  3. Select desired patient from extended menu.

Accessing Patient Records from EHR Workflow

In addition to being able to manually access patient records. Patient records can also be accessed from the NextGen EHR Workflow. The EHR Workflow window contains the following Inboxes:

  • Clinical Tasking - Allows users to communicate and manage pieces of work that need to be completed.
  • Appointments - View daily appointment information for various schedules.
  • Provider Approval Queue (provider only) - Used to review and sign off clinical documentation.
  • Patient Portal - Used to manage secure portal patient messages (i,e, Rx refill request, request for patient records, etc.)

Patient records can be accessed from all four Inboxes. However, for the purpose of this lesson. We will use the Appointments Inbox in this illustration.

To access a patients record from the Appointments Inbox:

  1. Select desired patient from the appointments list.
  2. Click Chart. (Note: double-clicking the patient also triggers the patients chart to open)


This concludes this lesson on Accessing Patient Charts.

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