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Patient Information Bar

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The Patient Information Bar provides users with useful patient information at a glance without having to access templates and modules to retrieve the information. In this lesson we will explore the different features available on the Patient Information Bar.

Patient Demographics

All of the patients documented demographics are available on the Patient information bar. This information includes the following:

  • Patient Name
  • Patient Gender
  • Patient DOB
  • Patient Address
  • Patient Contact Information (hovering the mouse over the contact reveals all of the patients documented contact information)
  • Patients Picture if applicable

Module Buttons

The Patient Information Bar displays a series of buttons that allow users to view patient information and alerts at a glance. Hovering the mouse over these buttons will allow users to view the following information:

  • Alerts - View PM and EHR alerts pertaining to patient.
  • Allergies - View patients unresolved allergies
  • Problems - Displays patients Problems List based on Date of Onset.

Please note that the presence of a question mark means that no active or unresolved information is available.

  • Diagnoses - Displays the patients most recent diagnoses history based on encounter.
  • Medications - Displays the patients active medications list.
  • Appointments - Displays patients appointment history.
  • Lab Results - This is a link that when pressed will present a pop-up of the patients available lab results.

There are several Active Text Links available on the Patient Information Bar. However, in this lesson we will only mention the following:

  • OBGYN Details (Female Patients Only) - View patients Gynecological History, and Pregnancy History.
  • Demo - View patient Demographic information which also includes the patients Emergency Contact, and Pharmacy information.
  • Membership - View patients assigned Program information, PCP History, ER Visit/In Patient/SNF History, and Referral Authorization information.
  • Advance Directives - View Correspondent information such as Living Will, Advanced Directives, POLST, and Durable Power of Attorney.
  • Screening Summary - View patient Social History , Counseling, and Screening information.

Additional Patient Information

Here is a list of additional patient information available on the Patient Information Bar:

  • Patient Insurance - View Encounter Insurance Information.
  • Pref Language - View patients Preferred Language.
  • Patient Portal - View patients Patient Portal status.
  • Nickname - View alternative name for patient.
  • Email - View patient Email address.
  • PCP - Patients Primary Care Provider.
  • Referring - Referring Provider Information. (Usually same as PCP unless otherwise stated)
  • Rendering - Encounter Rendering Provider information.

Information available on Patient Information Bar may differ for other practices.


This concludes this lesson on the Patient Information Bar.

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