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The Custom Print\Send feature allows users to select multiple print jobs in one window. This feature also allows the user to retrieve any printable item (i.e. emails, documents, and images) from the patients Encounter and Categories listings. In this lesson we will learn the following:

  • How to Access the Custom Print\Send option.
  • How to Select printable items from the Encounter and Categories list.
  • How to Print to FinePrint.

How to Access the Custom Print/Send Option

To Access Custom Print\Send:

  1. Click the File menu.
  2. Select Custom Print\Send from the drop down menu.

Selecting Printable Items from the Encounter and Categories List

Print is the default Mode when opening the Custom Print/Send window. In the Item Selection section there are two tabs; General and Categories. The General tab displays all of the printable items that are listed in the patients Encounter list. The Categories tab displays all of the printable items that have been scanned or file imported into the patients chart.

Print jobs can be selected by doing the following:

  1. Expand the Encounter where the item exist. (If selecting from the Categories tab. Expand the Category where the item exist.)
  2. Select the desired item. (If selecting from the Categories tab. Select the desired date of service.)
  3. Click the right facing Arrow.

Repeat until all items have been selected.

Note: if available, Provider sign-off comments and Document Management Notes can also be included in the print job.

How to Print to FinePrint

The FinePrint print option combines all print jobs into one. To access FinePrint; click Print.


In the Printer Selection window:

  1. Select the FinePrint printer option.
  2. Click Print.

Users can select what printer the job will be sent to from the FinePrint window. Users who have the ability to Goldfax can also access this print option from the FinePrint window as well.


This concludes this lesson on Custom Print\Send.

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