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Orthostatic Vital Signs

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In this Quick Reference Guide, we will explain how to record Orthostatic Vital Signs for a patient. This Guide assumes the user has a basic understanding of how to record patient Vital Signs.

The Orthostatic Vital Signs link is available on all the Vital Signs panels, except for some of the Behavioral Health templates and for the pediatric patients whose age is less than 2 years.

Accessing the Orthostatic Vital Signs template

With the Vital Signs template open. The Orthostatic Vital Signs template can be accessed, by clicking the Orthostatic Vital Signs active text link.

Completing the Orthostatic Vital Signs template

The Orthostatic Vital Signs template, provides three opportunities to record the patients Blood Pressure and Pulse, when the patient may be experiencing certain symptoms. (i.e. blurry vision, dizziness, etc.) (See image below)

Before recording vitals, patient should be in the rest position for the following lengths of time:

  • 5 minutes in the Lying Position
  • 3 minute in the Sitting or Standing Position.
  • 1 minute in the Sitting or Standing Position.

To complete the Orthostatic Vital Signs template:

  1. Complete the required fields based on the recommended listed time frames.
  2. Click Add

A Comments field is available to record any additional information regarding patient's vitals. (See image below)

The recorded vitals should now appear in the grid below. Click Save & Close (See image below)

The Orthostatic Vital Signs will not be visible in the Vital Signs grid. They can be viewed by clicking the Orthostatic Vital Signs link.

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