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Quick Save Templates

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The Quick Save template option, provides users the ability to customize and save recorded information. In the form of a re-usable template. The information can be quickly accessed and inserted into future encounters. The saved template information, but can be used as a time saver, when documenting patient information in the NextGen EHR application.

Specific patient information should not be saved when creating Quick Save templates. (i.e. Onset, Duration, etc.)

In this Quick Reference Guide, we will explain how to create Quick Save templates in the NextGen EHR application. This Guide assumes that users have a basic understanding of how to access the Intake MG, and SOAP MG templates.

Because there are numerous areas where the Quick Save feature is available (i.e. HPI, Review of Systems, and Physical Exam templates). We will demonstrate how to save Quick Save templates from the Review of Systems panel located on the SOAP MG template.

Saving Customized Templates

After recording and customizing the information you would like to save; click the Save button (See image below)

In the Quick Save pop-up window:

  1. Free type a name for your template in the Save as field.
  2. Click Save & Close
  3. Click OK

Once completed the template will be saved to the Quick Saves grid below. (See image below)

Loading the Quick Save Templates

When applying a save Quick Save template to the new encounter: click the Load button.

In the Quick Load pop-up window:

  1. Select desired Quick Save template.
  2. Click OK

The saved template information should now be populated. (See image below)

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