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Documenting Refusal of COVID Vaccine

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This Quick Reference Guide, demonstrates how to document patient Refusal of the COVID vaccine. This Guide assumes that users have a basic understanding of how to access the Immunizations template from the Orders Module.

Create New Immunization Order

Create a New Immunization Order, by clicking New. (See image below)

Click the check box next to one of the COVID-19 options. (See image below)

Review Allergies

In the Review Allergies window:

  1. Review patient Allergies information. (If no Allergies exist to Neomycin, Egg, Latex, and Gelatin.) Click the No To All Allergies check box
  2. Click Save.

Drug Interaction

If the Drug Interaction window appears; acknowledge each interaction by:

  1. Selecting each Interaction.
  2. Click Acknowledge.
  3. Click Done.
Vaccine Details

Access the Vaccine Details window and do the following:

  1. Click the Vaccine Details tab.
  2. Select the Refused status.
  3. Select a reason for Not Administering (i.e. Other, Parental decision, Patient decision, and Religious exemption.)

The COVID-19 vaccine status now appears in the Vaccine Grid. (See image below)

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