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How to Change The Biz Card Reader Settings to Color


When using the Biz Card Reader, we recommend scanning in color vs scanning in black and white or gray scale. This Quick Reference guide assumes that the user has a basic understanding as to how to access a patient's medical record in Practice Management. To modify your Remote Scan settings:

  1. Click the Norton Button next to the Patient's Picture window
  2. Select the Open option from the menu.

Users can also access the Biz Card Reader settings by double-clicking the Patient's ID place holder located in the Modify Patient Information window.

Accessing the Remote Scan Settings

In the Scanning Device Input window:

  1. Click the Norton button.
  2. Select the Show Camera/Scanner Interface option.
  3. Select the Acquire option to access the Remote Scan Settings window.

Changing the Color / BW Settings

To change the Color / BW settings to color:

  1. Click the drop down arrow.
  2. Select the 24 bit - Color option.
  3. Click Close
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