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Adding Charges for Form Visits

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In this Quick Reference Guide, users will learn how to properly document Form Visit charges in the Practice Management application. This guide assumes that the user performing these steps, have a basic understanding of the patient check-in process.

Form Visit Check-In

When  checking a patient in for a Form Visit:

  1. Right-click on the patient from the Appointment Book.
  2. Select Checkin/Create Encounter from the menu.

Select Patient Type

In the Create Encounter window, do the following:

  1. Choose Administrative Encounter as the Patient Type.
  2. Click OK.

Encounter Insurance

Ensure that NO insurance information is selected in the Selected Insurance dialog box. If insurance is present:

  1. Select Insurance(s)
  2. Click the Blue left facing arrow.
  3. Click the AutoFlow button to close window.

Adding Transaction

If a fee is required for the Form Visit then a transaction must be added to the encounter. To document a transaction:

  1. Right-click the patient from the Appointment book.
  2. Select Add Transaction from the menu.

Payment Entry

In the Payment Entry screen be sure to complete the following fields:

  1. Payer - Patient should be selected to indicate they will be making the payment.
  2. Tracking - Give a description of the payment. (Do not enter symbols in this field (i.e. !@#$%, etc.))
  3. Payment Amt - Enter the Fee amount being paid.
  4. Pay Code - Select the Payment type (Cash, Credit Card, Check, etc.)
  5. Click Save

The Payment must be applied to the Encounter

Charge Entry

In addition to the Payment Entry screen, the charges for this visit must also be documented in the Charge Posting window. To access the Charge Posting window:

  1. Right-click on the patient from the Appointment book.
  2. Select Charges from the menu.

In the Charge Posting window, click the New button.

Complete the following fields:

  1. Svc Item - Enter CPT code 99080
  2. Quantity - Enter the number of forms where there is a charge (i.e. 1, 2, etc.)
  3. Diag - Enter the ICD10 code Z02.79
  4. Click Save

Encounter Credit

Click Yes to utilize the encounter credit on this charge.

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