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Formulary Search - Quick Reference Guide

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In this Quick Reference Guide, users will learn the following:

  • What is a Formulary?
  • How to Check Eligibility through the SureScripts network
  • How to Access the Formulary search window
  • How to use the Formulary Search
  • How to identify the Formulary Statuses
  • How to set the Formulary as your default search window

This Quick Reference Guide assumes that users have a basic understanding as to how to access the Medications Module.

What is a Formulary

A Formulary is a list of drugs and a set of rules that govern the drug's use. The list represents the most current clinical opinion of physicians, pharmacists and other experts of pharmacology and disease treatment and preventions. As such, the list is regularly updated and revised.

Checking Eligibility

The patient's Eligibility must be checked within a 24 hour period through the SureScripts network in order to get the most recent Formulary information for the patient.

There are two ways to check eligibility:

  1. Using the Batch Rx Elig located in the Appointments inbox.
  2. Clicking the Rx Eligibility button on the Medications toolbar.

The Formulary search window can be accessed by:

  1. Clicking the Medication Search button.
  2. Clicking the Prescribe New button.

To search using the Formulary:

  1. Select the desired Formulary provider from the Formulary list.
  2. Enter a full or partial name of the medication in the Find field.
  3. Make a selection from the list of suggestions.
  4. Click the Select button to complete prescription.

The next section will describe the different Formulary statuses.

Below is a list of Formulary Statuses that will assist you in making your selection.

How to set the Formulary as your default search window

To set the Formulary as your default search window:

  1. Click the Tools menu.
  2. Select Preferences from the drop down menu.

From the Preference window:

  1. Click the Formulary tab.
  2. Select the Use Formulary as default medication search check box.
  3. Click OK.

Note: Users can select additional preferences from the Drug Information section as well.


This concludes this Quick Reference Guide for searching the Formulary.

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