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Updating DAS & NextGen Passwords

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Every 90 days, your DAS (the hosting service that NextGen runs on) and NextGen passwords will need to be changed.

To avoid issues, please try to change the passwords BEFORE they expire – we will try to send you are minder at least a week before the NextGen password expires and DAS should also remind you when the password is close to expiring. 

It is generally simpler to change both of those passwords at the same time.

To change DAS Password

1. Log onto DAS using the icon from your local Desktop – for AZ-PCP and DOHC users, this is what it looks like but it may be different for IPA users;

2. Double-click on the Change Password icon from the DAS Desktop (it usually has a green background);

3. On the window shown, select the Change Password option;

On the Change a Password screen, enter your old password and your new one and then click on the arrow to save it;

5. You will then receive a DUO prompt – approve this and you will then be shown confirmation that your password was changed – click Okay on the button shown;

6. Once this is done, you will return to the DAS Desktop Screen.

To change your NextGen password

1. Now, run NextGen from the Run AZPCP or Run DOHC icon;

2. This will display the NextGen App Launcher – your version may look different to mine. Select whichever module you usually use but remember to use your OLD password to log on – it has not been changed yet;

3. Run the Change Password option from whichever module you are in;

  • In Enterprise PM, it is on the Tasks menu item and is called Change Password
  • In Enterprise EHR, it is under the Admin menu item and is called User Password…

4. Update the Password as needed and then press the OK button;

5. This will NOT confirm that your password has changed successfully, though it will alert you if it has not changed the password. You can always log out of NextGen and back in to check that the new password is working, if you feel it necessary.

Password Requirements:

  • Minimum length of 10 characters
  • Must include 
    • both UPPER and lower case alphabetic characters ( A-Z or a-z )
    • at least one punctuation character ( ! ( ) , - . : ; ? [ ] / or \ )
    • at least one number ( 0-9 )
  • Previously used passwords cannot be used again
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