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How to Use the Document Search Tool

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In this Quick Reference Guide, we will explain how to use the Document Search tool. This Guide assumes that the user has a basic understanding of how to access a patients chart in the NextGen EHR application.

Accessing the Document Search Tool

The Document Search tool is located on the Patient History panel and is available on both the Patient History and Categories tab. To access the Document Search tool, click the Search icon. (See image below)

In the Document Search window:

  1. Type a Description of the document you are looking for in the provided Text field.
  2. Click the Search tool.

Users can also search by any description that might be represented in a document. (i.e. Diabetes, Hypertension, etc.)

Filtering search results

Some descriptions may return multiple results. So the Document Search tool provides additional filtering options. To access the filtering options, click the downward facing arrows located next to the Search icon. (See image below)

In the Expanded Search window the following options are now available:

  • Documents - by clicking the Ellipses button. Users can select specific Document Types they would like to view (i.e. Master_IM, Medications, Patient Plan, etc.) (See image below)
  • Encounter Date - Users can set their own Date Ranges for finding specific documents. (See image below)

Accessing Documents from Results

Documents can be accessed directly from the search results, by double clicking the desired result.

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