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How to Add Transactions

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In this Quick Reference Guide, we will learn how to Add Transactions from the Appointment Book in the Practice Management application.

Adding Transactions

If a Transaction is to be recorded for a patient who is being checked in:

  1. Right-click on the patient.
  2. Select Add Transaction from the menu.

Payment Entry

All monetary Transactions are to be recorded using the Payment Entry screen. To record a Transaction:

  1. Ensure that Patient is listed as the Payer.
  2. Document a description of the payment in the Tracking field. (i.e. cash, check #, credit card authorization #, etc.)
  3. Enter the amount that is being paid in the Pay Amt field.
  4. Select the method of payment in the Pay Code field.
  5. Click Save
  6. Apply the payment to the Encounter in the Unapplied Payment window.

Printing Receipt

A Receipt can be printed for the Transaction. To print the Receipt:

  1. Click the Print icon.
  2. Select Encounter Bill from the menu.
  3. Click Print.
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