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How to Check Eligibility in EZCAP

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In this Quick Reference guide, you will learn the following:

  • How to access EZCAP.
  • How to Access the Members Information in EZCAP.
  • How to check to see if the patient is Eligible.

How To Access EZCAP

To access EZCAP: Locate then Double-click the EZCAP icon on your computer's local desktop.

Sign In Using EZCAP Log In Info

To log into EZCAP:

1. Enter your assigned User Name and Password.

2. Then click Login or press enter on your keyboard.

To access the members information in EZCAP:

1. Click the Eligibility tab located on the left panel.

2. Select Members from the Eligibility menu.

To search for the patient: Click the Quick Search icon.

Note: The Member Search--Webpage Dialog now appears.

In the Member Search window:

1.Enter patients Last Name, First Name and Birth Date.

2.Click the Show Details button.

Note: ALWAYS Click [Show Details] DO NOT press enter on keyboard after inputting Last Name, First Name and Birth Date you will run the risk of populating the wrong patient with same name and DOB. ALWAYS verify you are selecting the correct patient.

Note: You can also use the first initial of the members First and Last Name (Example: Smith, John 01/01/1900).

3.Double-click on patient you want to view

Note: You will see all eligibility information First Name, Last Name, Age, Birth Date, PCP, Member ID e.t.c

How to check to see if the patient is Eligible.

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