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Notification of NextGen Updates, Enhancements & Fixes

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Expect 8.31.2022
   An update is coming to the Encounter billing check to assist with addressing issues with telehealth visits. We will be 
  • updating the color scheme to improve accessibility.
  • adding a Telehealth Visit type.
  • automatically add modifier '95' for virtual visits.
  • adding patient present in CA indicator
  • updating primary insurance indicator to show 'No Encounter Insurance'

*See attached material for further details.

Update We are aware of an issue some users are unable to stop medications if the user does not have rights to eRx medications.

The change in workflow is for users to click the Stop date field on the Medication Module, and click the Accept button to inactivate the medication.

To ensure that we do not disrupt your daily practice activity, we have developed a standard update schedule and communication plan. Scheduled enhancements will take place after normal business hours (after 5:00 pm.), with prior notification, including training tools if necessary.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns regarding these notifications and we will gladly assist. We would also like to hear from you about how to improve this process.

Once again, we appreciate your business and thank you for the opportunity to serve you.


DOHC NextGen Support Services Team

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