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Dragon Medical One Troubleshooting Quick Reference Guide

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This material is provided by Deliver Health Solutions.

This QRG covers troubleshooting tips for Dragon Medical One.  Sometimes it is a basic thing that will get in the way of your productivity.  There are some common things that we see on a daily basis.

Dragon will not let you login.  Check your username to ensure that it is typed correctly.  Your license was revoked in the Nuance Management Center.  You were working on a pilot trial license and that pilot license has expired.

Your Nuance PowerMic II or III is not working properly.  Is your microphone being recognized by your computer?  Click your start button and type sound.  Open sound editor.  Do you see your microphone there?  If it is not present, try changing the USB port with the microphone.  If the computer cannot see the microphone, neither can Dragon.  Try changing the USB port on the microphone.  Check the Mic permissions by navigating to start, settings, privacy, microphone and on.  Your EMR is server based and you do not have the proper Mic extensions installed on your computer.  Consult your IT department.  Finally, the actual microphone is not working.  A ticket needs to be put in with Nuance.

Your PowerMic Mobile is not working.  Do you have a PowerMic Mobile license and has it been assigned to you in the Nuance Management Center?  Have you added the right organization token on your PowerMic Mobile?  Is there more than 1 profile on your PowerMic Mobile?  On your PC is Dragon Medical One set for PowerMic Mobile or another microphone?  Finally, did you type in the right username?

User did their own installation of Dragon Medical One and it is not launching.  Check to see if dragon was successfully installed.  Using the dragon installer you will find a Dragon Medical One folder.  If the Xcopy standalone installation was used, it will be a “standalone” folder. Check the sod.exe.config file in the installation folder to check that the correct Organization Token has been added. Finally a .Net of 4.72 or higher must be present for Dragon Medical One to operate.

My PowerMic Mobile keeps losing connection.  Change the time out on your cell phone to 5 minutes.  For iPhone users, navigate to settings, display and brightness, auto lock.  For android users navigate to settings, display, screen time out.  Check your Wi-Fi and cell reception.  Turn off Wi-Fi if you have a strong cell service.  Turn on Wi-Fi if you have a strong Wi-Fi signal.  Note: Make sure you have unlimited data if using cell service.

You would like all the numbers that you say to be words and not numbers.  Navigate to manage vocabulary or what can I say and click the hamburger menu in the upper left corner.  Select manage formatting and numbers.  Change the setting on Write the following numbers as digits to “None”.

We hope that these troubleshooting tips were helpful. Please reach out to your support staff if you need additional assistance.

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