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Dragon Dictation Box Quick Reference Guide

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This information is provided by Deliver Health Solutions.

Dragon has its own version of Notepad. They call it the Dictation Box. The Dictation Box will open anytime the cursor is not placed in a program. It could be the Electronic Medical Record, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook or even the Internet. Most Providers and users of Dragon Medical One prefer to have their dictation go directly into their EMR rather than having the extra step of the Dictation Box. Let’s take a look at the Dictation Box.

“Patient is a 45 year old male who comes in today with Hypertension, Diabetes and Gout.”

Notice the text that is spoken goes directly into the Dictation Box. Since this box is part of Dragon Medical One, corrections are done easily in this box.

Say, “Select 45” and see how Dragon highlights the number.

You can now say, “35” to correct the age.

You are also able to “Select all” and “deselect that”. OR you can say, “Select patient through Hypertension” to select multiple words.

Transferring text from the Dictation Box is available in 3 different ways. Place your cursor in the EMR or program of your choice. Click the T with an arrow button on your Dictation Mic or PowerMic Mobile.

You can also click the Transfer Text button located at the top of the Dictation Box or you can give the command, “Transfer Text” and the text will transfer to your desired destination.

The Dictation Box in Dragon Medical One allows you to Recall the text by using the command, “Recall Text” or by clicking the Recall Text Button at the top of the Dictation Box. This will not pull the text from the location you transferred it to but will allow for easy viewing and editing.

Some Practitioners choose to open the Dictation Box and use it as their verbal scratch pad. It can also be used to read Lab or Radiology results while viewing them.

There are some simple settings in the Dragon file menu for the Dictation Box. Click on the flame and then Options and then Text Input.

You can change the font size and adjust your Text Transfer Method, if needed with your specific EMR. In the event your EMR does not allow for Full Text Control, AKA dictating right into the selected fields, you can check, “Transfer text when recording is stopped” and the transfer text function will become automatic.

The Dictation Box is just another piece of Dragon Medical One that aides in making your dictation experience more efficient. Thank you.

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