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Adding Vocabulary Quick Reference Guide

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The following information is provided by Deliver Health Solutions.

Adding vocabulary in Dragon Medical One is a way to save time and have commonly unrecognized names and terminology become recognized by Dragon.  In this example, we are using the dictation box and we will train a word that dragon does not understand.  

The Providers I work very closely with is “Dr. Oshkoshbagosh”. And you can see Dragon did not spell the name correctly.  The command is, “Select Dr. Oshkosh begun” and then say, “Add Word.”  Dragon opens up the Vocabulary Editor.

You notice that the name that is Misspelled is listed, and you will need to use your keyboard and mouse to correct the spelling.  You can use default pronunciation if the name is spelled the way it sounds but I prefer clicking on the red microphone to train the word or name with your voice (See image above).

If you are using the Nuance PowerMic II or PowerMic III, you do not need to press any buttons on the microphone, but you will be speaking into the microphone. Click the red microphone button and start dictating immediately, speaking the name that you are training.  If you are using the PowerMic Mobile application on your phone, you need to turn your phones microphone on 1st before clicking the red microphone button on your PC.  The Vocabulary Editor will ask you to confirm the vocabulary word and then let you know that the vocabulary has been successfully trained.

If you receive an error message, it may mean that you waited too long before speaking after clicking the red microphone button.

Repeat the process and try again.  Always test your word or name to ensure that it was trained successfully.  Once successfully trained that name will show up in your Vocabulary Editor alphabetically.

In the manage vocabulary window you can single click on a name and select Train to repeat the process.  

The hyperlink at the bottom of the Manage Vocabulary window allows you to “Enter the word as you would pronounce it.” On the top line, type the full name or set of words that may be longer in length, such as your organization or Hospital name. Under the Pronunciation (spoken form) section type the acronym or shortcut that you will say. When saying this spoken form, the full set of words will render.

Let’s see an example. Johnsonville Community Health Center

The spoken form will be J C H C

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