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Adding Diagnostic History to HPI Grid

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In this Quick Reference Guide, we will describe how to Add Diagnostic History to the HPI Grid. This Guide assumes that the user has a basic understanding as to how to access the Intake MG and SOAP MG core template sets.

The Diagnostic History template provides users an opportunity to view and or manage Diagnostic test that have been ordered and or performed.

The Diagnostic History template, can be accessed from the following:

  • Reason for Visit Panel (Intake & SOAP)
  • History Panel (Intake & SOAP)

For the purpose of this illustration. We will access the Diagnostic History from the Reason for Visit panel (Intake tab)

Accessing the Diagnostic History template

To access the Diagnostic History template; locate then select the Diagnostic button at the bottom of the Reason for Visit grid.

Adding Diagnostic History to HPI Grid

To add Diagnostic History to the HPI Grid:

  1. Select the performed study from the Diagnostic History Entry grid.
  2. Enter any additional Comments about the study (Optional)
  3. Click the Add to HPI Grid button
  4. Click OK

The Diagnostic Study information should now appear in the HPI Grid. (See Image Below)

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