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Patient Portal Enrollment Quick Reference Guide


With this quick reference guide patients can be enrolled in the Patient Portal without providing an email for enrollment.

Assuming the user has basic enrollment knowledge for Patient Portal.

Open the enrollment template DELETE the email if there is one on the email field.


Deleting Email

  1. Delete email
  2. Click Update
  3. Comment field updated
  4. Click OK

Enrolling a Patient with Enrollment Token

When enrolling a patient provide them with the website so they can complete enrollment. 

  1. Select Issue Enrollment Token and provide 8 digit token number patient.
  2. Email Warning will pop up (PLEASE READ TO PATIENT BEFORE CLICKING OK),
  3. Click OK to save


Enrolling a Patient printing P.I.E Instructions
  1. Select Issue Enrollment Token
  2. Click on Print for PIE Instructions
  3. When Clicking OK Email Warning will appear
  4. Click OK to acknowledge warning
  5. Click OK to save
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