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How to Reschedule Appointments

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In this Quick Reference Guide, we will learn how to Reschedule an appointment from the Practice Management Application.

Editing Appointments

The Rescheduling of patient appointments are performed from the Edit Appointment window. Accessing this window can be done by doing one of the following:

  • Double-Clicking the patient.
  • Right-Clicking and then selecting Open from the menu.
  • Selecting the patient and then clicking the Edit Appointment icon on the Appointment Book toolbar.

Rescheduling Appointment

To Reschedule patient appointments;

  1. Select the new Date and or Time of Appointment.
  2. Click OK

Reason for Reschedule

In the Reason for Reschedule window:

  1. Select the Reason from the drop down menu.
  2. Click OK

Important Note

If you are running reports to capture the scheduling of the original appointment.  You must cancel, instead of rescheduling the appointment. (See training material on Canceling Appointments for more details.)

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