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How to Close a Batch


In this Quick Reference Guide, users will learn how to Close a Batch in the Practice Management application.

Batch Posting

In order to Post a Batch, you must first balance the Batch.

Upon completing all transactions, users will need to Post their batch. To Post a Batch;

  1. Click the Posting icon.
  2. Click the Norton button from the Batch Posting window.
  3. Select Ledger from the menu.

From the Ledger window, click the Header button.

In the Batch Maintenance window:

  1. Free text the amounts listed in the Ledger Summary in the coinciding fields. (i,e, Total billed, Total Allowed, and Total Paid)
  2. Click OK.
  3. Click Close.

From the Batch Posting window:

  1. Click the Norton button.
  2. Select the Post option.


The Confirmation window confirms the number of transactions that are being posted. Click OK, to acknowledge that this is correct.

The Batch Posting report is automatically generated after confirming the number of transactions.

Batch Posted Successfully

A notification that your Batch has Posted Successfully displays. Click OK to close window.

Important Note

The Batch will no longer be available in the Batch Posting window, once the Batch has successfully posted.

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