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10/16 & 10/17 - Upcoming Server Upgrades

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There are two maintenance procedures of the NextGen System you should be aware of.

As always, we will keep you informed before they start and when each is completed or if there are any issues;

  • Tomorrow morning, Wednesday 16th October, starting at 5:30am, we will be updating the Interface Server. We expect this to be completed by 7:30am. Please note, the process is complicated, which means we are unable to guarantee a completion time.

    The Interface Server is used for ePrescribing, and includes the Offline Document Generator our electronic interfaces with LabCorp, LabDAQ, RadNet, CAIR and NextGen Share.

    If there are any delays, we will keep you informed of which services are available and which ones are not.

    Be aware, you may need to use Printed/Faxed Prescriptions OR use a triplicate pad for Controlled Medications if ePrescribing is not available when you start seeing patients.

    Please note, anything sent to any of the Interfaces WILL eventually be sent even if the interface is not working initially.

  • On Thursday 17th October at 11pm, we will be updating the NextGen File Server. We expect this to take about 2 hours.

    During this period, no-one will be able to use the NextGen application.

Please accept our apologies sorry for short notice and the inconvenience this causes.

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