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Life Planning Template

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In this Quick Reference Guide we will learn the following:

  • How to access the Life Planning MG template.
  • How to use the Life Planning template.

How to access the Life Planning MG Template

To access the Life Planning template, click the Life Planning MG active text link located on the Patient Information Bar.

How to use the Life Planning Template

The Life Planning template has 3 sections:

  • Documents
  • Medical-Durable Power of Attorney
  • Document Tracking


The Documents section of the Life Planning template, gives the user the ability to view the members existing Life Planning documents on file.

Viewing filter options are also available, just above the Documents grid. (See Image Below)

In order to view the actual Life Planning documents, choose the Life Planning category from the Categories tab.

Medical-Durable Power of Attorney

If the member has a DPOA on file, the Care Manager must complete the following:  

  • Relationship - select individuals relationship to the member
  • Last Name/First Name - Free text field
  • DPOA Phone - Free text field
  • Last Updated - complete this field if the member has updated their DPOA
  • Save & Close

Document Tracking

The Document Tracking section allows the tracking for the following types of documents:

  • Advance Directives
  • Serious Illness Discussion

To initiate Document Tracking:

  1. Click the Type field
  2. Select the desired Document Type


Select the document Status from the Status window.  The following options are available:

  • Follow-up
  • Initiated
  • Obtained
  • Refused
  • Reviewed

After selecting the Document Type, the Status window will automatically pop up.


Select desired Comments from the pop up window

Comments will vary based on Status.

Additional Details

Use the Addtl Details field to free text any additional details pertaining to the Document Tracking.

The Addtl Details field is limited to 100 characters.

If the information needs to be tasked to another user for follow up, click the Task Due Date field to select a date.  

Once all of the necessary fields are completed, click the Add button to save the information to the Document Tracking grid

If a Task Due Date was entered, then the task recipients window will open upon clicking the Add button.

Updating Document Information

Document Information can be updated by:  

  1. Selecting the desired document type from the Document Tracking grid.
  2. Update the necessary fields (Status, Comments, etc.)
  3. Click Update

Users must choose the existing order when updating tracking information even if you are not the original creator of the document.

All document updates will be tracked in the History grid.

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